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Last Update as of: January, 2018

UPDATE ON BANGKOK ESCORT SCENE: Over the last six months many new Bangkok agencies have appeared in Bangkok. Multiple agencies are showing the same girls and indeed most are massage girl quality.
Photoshop galore after Bangkok escort reports.

Quality does vary greatly but we still see the best quality from the current "HOT" rated agencies in Bangkok.

Bangkok offers many options for female companionship. For many reasons visitors use Bangkok escort agencies. Reasons may include such as many don’t want to visit go-go bars, want discreet service without looking for freelancers walking the street, more companionship and guide services or simply they just enjoy room service from a high class Bangkok escort

We aim to provide information only based on feedback from those in the know.Our monthly survey work is done by “secret shoppers”, we never tell the Bangkok escort agency or the individual Bangkok escort we share our experience online.

We do not care to criticize or advertise for Bangkok individual escorts and most of all we want to be treated as an “average customer” whether newbie or expert resident.

Our group has one thing in common: we are always looking for the best Bangkok escort to come to our hotel room! We are willing to pay for high quality!

We have foreigners that reside in Bangkok and call for Bangkok escorts often, frequent visitors to Bangkok that use Bangkok escort services, newbies that try Bangkok escorts from various Thai agencies and most importantly we have within our group many Indian and Asian members that know which Bangkok agencies provide what they desire.

Of course, these rankings do not guarantee everybody will have the exact experience they desire but attempts to indicate, on average, the higher ranked Bangkok agencies will outperform the lower ranked agencies. At least quarterly we will provide satisfaction rankings and from month to month we may expect to see what Bangkok escort agencies move up or down.

We communicate our research on some of the following areas:

  • Service provided by the girl in all areas of requested service
  • Website authenticity
  • Communication with the agency
  • Rate structure compared to quality …… is she worth it?
  • High class, low class or no class .....