Q. Who are we and how do we decide on the star ratings?

A. Together we are a group comprised of expats, tourists, frequent visitors, all nationalities. We party together but mostly favor escort agencies as we do enjoy HIGH QUALITY room service. We trade war stories and experiences and high ranked agencies require multiple high quality experiences!

Q. Do you let the agency or girl know you are "testing" their services?

A. Absolutely not! We want the same likely experience any ordinary customer would receive.

Q. Do you have any favorite escort agencies?

A. ONLY the escort agencies that live up to our expectations! We have no financial interest in any
agency or any girls involved. We are completely neutral until the girl(s) convince us they are worth it or not!!

Q. What are some of the most common things that seperate the agencies and what doyou look for?

A. Many factors go into a ranking, such as: hot looking? genuine assertive sexual skills, adventurous,
multiple shots, not in a hurry, gfe, personality and also extras they offer such as outfits, toys etc. These are just some of what we need!!

Q. How do you select what escort agencies to review?

A. We select from high ranked sites on google, yahoo, blogs, forums and word of mouth.

Q. Do you sample enough girls to really be able to establish a rating?

A. Quarterly among our group we sample at least two different girls from a listed agency and
acknowledge not all customers will enjoy the same experience but we do feel it represents more likely
a positive experience than not.

Q. Why are the ratings all 4 1/2, 3 1/2, etc.?

A. Our opinion is that even the best agencies can never be a perfect 5star but the 4 1/2 come the closest!

Q. Just by looking at the internet escort site how do we know who will be worth it?

A. Unfortunately, you can't! That is one reason we decided to put this together for those looking for good insight to the Bangkok escort agency options.

Q. Who runs these agencies and is communication a problem?

A. Very good question. The sites vary, some have very good communication and others
fall back on "don't worry, we send you beautiful girl". Also troubling is that it is obvious that many of the sites are run by the same owner(s) and use the same girls and as we have mentioned and tried many of these it is clear these girls are tired! And from these multiple sites the girls are most often
the lowest quality and appearance can be very different!

Q. Do you provide updates?

A. We attempt to frequent the agencies that are listed so they are judged quarterly and also try new popular agencies. And, we do plan to move agencies upo or down as performance merits!

Q. Are escort agencies really a good deal in a city like Bangkok?

A. Our answer is different strokes for different folks! Of course, cheaper can be found in the bars and on the streets. We recognize this but enjoy ROOM SERVICE if it is HIGH QUALITY! Thus, we continue the search.